Is it safe to use my pool or hot tub if the water is cloudy?

It depends, if there is a zero sanitizer reading it is not safe to use. There is heavy bacteria present causing the water to be cloudy. If you have a good sanitizer reading (3-5ppm) there could be other reasons as to why the water is cloudy. Best thing to do when you experience this issue is to bring in a water test.

Why did my pool turn green?

There are a lot of reasons why a pool will turn green. The most common reason is the sanitizer got too low allowing bacteria to grow, causing the water to turn green. Low circulation will also lead to green pools. Ideally the pump should be running all the time so the filtering water can allow the chemicals to be effective. A more common issue is Phosphates. When phosphates are present in the water, it prevents the Chlorine/Bromine from working at 100%, allowing bacteria to take over.

Is there a leak in my pool? How can I tell?

Leaks in pools can sometimes be very hard to detect. To see if you have a leak and are not experiencing overnight evaporation, we suggest doing some investigation first. Mark the skimmer with a piece of tape. Run the pool for 8 hours and, after the running time, turn off the pump and record what you lost during that time.

Next you will keep the pump off for 8 hours and block the skimmer hole and pool returns. After the pump has been off for 8 hours mark how much water you lost. If you lose more than an 1″ of water during both tests, you have a leak in the liner. If you only lose when the pump is running, there is a good chance there might be a broken line and you will need a pressure test. If you are topping up your pool one time within in the week that is normal. Pool that have leaks will top up daily or every second day.

How long can I keep my water in my hot tub / spa?

We suggest changing your hot tub / spa water every 3 months regardless of usage. If you are on Spa Sure (Aqua Finesse) you will be changing your water every 5-6 months. Even if your water looks great, you will run into less complications with fresh water, leaving the water safe for use.

How often should I change my filter sand?

Every 5-7 years, but no more than 10 years. Filter sand helps to keep the water looking great. If you make that part of your regular schedule for your pool, you will run into less water complications saving you money on chemicals. If you keep having water issues (and you do not have phosphates), you most likely need a water change.

What are the most important things to keep my pool clear and safe?

1. Circulation
2. Filtration
3. Chemistry

If you keep your pump running 24h each day the filter can do its job and the chemicals can work.

If I don't want to use my hot tub / spa over the winter, can I just leave the water in it?

No. If you are planning on closing your hot tub / spa over the winter it is very important to drain it and fully winterize it to help prevent any damage due to freezing.

If you are leaving on holiday for more than a week, it is best to have someone keep an eye on your hot tub / spa. If there are any power issues, you don’t want the tub to not be running, as it may freeze causing major damage.

Why should I shock my pool?

Shocking your pool is an important maintenance practice. Shocking your pool allows the free chlorine level (what is working in your pool) to raise and fully kill bacteria in your pool. It also gases off total chlorine (dead chloramines that you can smell). Normally, you will be shocking in peak season (summer) 1 – 2 times each week. You may need to shock more often when there is an increase swimming or weather changes (lots of rain or heat wave). Off peak season, you should shock once per week.