roll up solar pool cover

What do solar blankets actually do? Solar Blankets are used to reduce overnight evaporation resulting in heat loss and to some extent aid in actually heating the pool.

At Cambridge Pool Supplies we stock two different quality solar covers. We carry the industry standard rectangular sizes that can be cut to conform to your specific shape. (kidneys – lazy L’s)

Cambridge Pool Supplies carries their solar covers from HPI. Which offers a 3 year BLUE solar cover, as well as a 5 year CLEAR solar cover. The theory is that with a clear cover the suns UV rays are able to go through the cover, and therefore, can heat the water faster. It also has a longer manufactures warranty.

Don’t want to fight with a solar blanket? Unable to find a Solar cover that will fit your pool? Why not try “The Original Solar Pool Cover” Ecosaver.

Ecosaver is a pre-measured convenient way to prevent overnight evaporation and heat loss. Ecosaver is safe to use, there is no smell or waxy feel. You can use Ecosaver along with your solar cover, or on its own. The Ecosaver is available as fish that you drop in, or as an auto dispenser. Ecosaver is also available in a manual, once a week application.

Natural Chemistry provides a liquid solar cover that you can add manually once a week.