Pool Filters Cambridge

Cambridge Pool Supplies sells Hi Rate Hayward sand filters for your Inground or Above ground pools.

Hayward Pro Series filters are in stock and ready to go for your above ground or inground pool. Cambridge Pool Supplies has the filter size you need, along with two different kinds of filter media.


filter in pool filtration systemWhat type of filter sand are you looking for?

Filter Sand: is Standard pool sand.

Zeobrite: is Volcanic rock that will give you better filtration. This will reduce your over all chemical usage and Backwashing, it’s worth the upgrade! Tired of your cartridge filters? No problem we can re-plumb your current system to a brand new sand filter with zeobrite. Zeobrite filter media will give you the same filtration as your cartridges with ability to now use Clarifiers and Flocking chemicals. Say goodbye to hand washing your bulky and heavy filters forever!

For more information, please visit Hayward Canada.