heated pool with sandals

Enjoy a warmer pool this season without your fuel costs skyrocketing! Whether you choose the Standing Pilot or a Low NOx Digital Heater, Hayward Canada is the world leader in technology and quality standards. Its H-series heaters represent innovative heating technology for your pool. Low NOx emissions make a Universal H-series heater the perfect choice for the environmentally concerned pool owner.

While all Hayward H-series heaters are energy efficient, the Universal H-Series Low NOx heater has an 83-84% industry-leading thermal efficiency and complies with all current California and Texas air quality emission standards. Its hydraulic performance also saves energy by reducing the circulation time of the pump. An H-series heater can raise the temperature of a 37,000 litre pool by 30 degrees in less than an hour!

Cambridge Digital Pool Heater

You’ll feel its benefits the moment you step into the water. The Universal H-Series heater is easy to install and combines advanced technology with universal-fit flexibility, making compatible with virtually any new or existing equipment pad. For more information, please visit Hayward Canada.

HSeries Millivolt 250 Pool Heater
Hayward Canada