pool with salt water generator

Salt Water Generators

Aqua-Rite HaywardOnce you have balanced the water, brought it to temperature, and your salt and stabilizer are within range, you are ready to turn on your salt water generator. As the salt water passes over the electrically charged plates, it converts the salt water into chlorine. Yes, a salt water generator is producing chlorine as your sanitizer!

Cambridge Pool Supplies doesn’t recommend converting your pool to salt water (as our first choice), since it is corrosive. However, Hayward has the solution to help reduce how fast this will happen with The AquaRite Low Salt Chlorine Generators.

It offers the same simple, safe and affordable approach to pool sanitization that you would expect from the original AquaRite, but uses virtually half the amount of salt, making it an even more environmentally friendly approach to salt chlorine generation. They easily install on standard filtration system, both for new construction and on existing pools.

Good: Salt Generator / UV

At Cambridge Pool Supplies, we’ve found a great solution for cleaner, fresher, healthier, and more environmentally friendly swimming pool water.

Why not go green with the Delta UV Ultraviolet solution?

salt generatorSome features of the Delta UV System:

  • Drastically reduces chemical use
  • Destroys the micro-organisms that a standard sanitizer cannot
  • Eliminates strong chlorine smell
  • Provides easier, more reliable pool maintenance
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Compatible with all swimming pools and filters
  • Easy to install and winterize
  • Cheaper than salt water generators

This unit is smaller than a golf bag, and will always give you above-par performance! Why not give it a shot? Call us today, and we will be more than happy to discuss installation with you.



Best: HydroRite™ UVO₃ Expert Line

HydroRite UVO₃ Advanced Water Treatment systemAt Cambridge Pools, we believe in helping our clients create the best backyard spaces they can. With that in mind, we’ve just found another great way for you to make your pool water treatment run better than it ever has before.

The HydroRite UVO₃ Advanced Water Treatment system releases three treatments that work with the chlorine in your water to clean it. With the addition of UV, Ozone and Advanced Oxidants treatments, you will use 50% or less of the chlorine you are currently using. This will make your water more naturally clean, and eliminate the discomfort that excessive chlorine can cause.

Download our brochure about the HydroRite UVO₃ Advanced Water Treatment system, and if you have any questions, give us a shout. We love helping!