hot but cleaned by chemicals

Cambridge Pool Supplies pride ourselves on our knowledge and expertise in water chemistry and treatment. All of our store staff, are trained and ready to help you with your hot tub problems or questions.

Water chemistry a problem? Developing a rash? Yucky smells coming from your relaxation retreat? Not sure where to begin? HELP is on your mind?

New hot tub owner? Not sure what to do with “all those chemicals”? Let Cambridge Pools help you.

With two product lines to offer, we can find a system that fits your needs.

AquaFinesse™ is a completely different hot tub maintenance alternative. It provides clean, clear and odor-free water with only one dose a week! AquaFinesse ™ also softens hot tub water by eliminating calcium and scale build-up from the hot tub’s equipment.

Their product not only makes your life easier, it also extends the life of your hot tub up to three times longer than with the use of traditional products!

Chlorine sanitizing tablets are included in the kit with a slow release dispenser in order to sanitize the water. Get started today!

GLB® Pool CareGLB hot tub chemical line is designed for ease of use, complete with pre-measured containers, specializing in bromine systems. Currently not using our Chemicals… No problem, just bring yours in and we can help you figure out a system that works for your needs! We never over sell you products you don’t need.

With 40 years serving Cambridge, you know you can trust us. Our customers are always number one, and we work hard learning about our chemicals so we can adapt to your needs, and we always look forward to seeing & helping you.

Note: in Canada, the only recognized sanitizers are Chlorine and Bromine. Salt Generators are used for converting salt to chlorine. The only things that kill bacteria are Chlorine and Bromine.