hot but cleaned by chemicals

At Cambridge Pool Supplies we pride ourselves in our knowledge and experience in products and water chemistry.

All of our store staff and maintenance technicians have been fully trained, and are ready and willing to help you solve your pool problems. If you are having water clarity issues let us test your water.

Pool black? No problem we can help, don’t worry about draining your pool we can get it clear!

We provide free in-store water testing for our customers, and carry two complete chemical product lines to ensure we have everything you need.

Cambridge Pool Supplies is the exclusive supplier of IPG chemicals for your pool and spa needs. It features a wide array of chemicals for your chlorine, bromine, salt, UV, or copper pool systems. Have something different? Let us know and we can help.

We also carry Aqua Foot; these stabilized chlorinating tablets with zinc, control bacteria and algae in Swimming Pool Water.

With over 40 years of serving Cambridge (our home) you know you can trust us. Our customers are always number one, and we work hard learning about our chemicals so we can adapt to your needs, and we always look forward to seeing & helping you. 

Note: In Canada, the only recognized sanitizers are chlorine and bromine. Salt generators convert salt to chlorine. The only sanitizing agents in pool water are chlorine and bromine.