Cambridge Pool Supplies now offers Triumph OnGround pools from Highbury Pools!

On ground pools are great additions to all backyard landscapes and offer many of the same features as inground pools.The pools can be installed a minimum of 26″ in the ground up to 100% in the ground, giving the feeling of an inground pool without the added costs.

The Triumph pool is available in Oval and Round shapes.

Triumph OnGround Pools

cambridge-pool-supplies-triumph-pool-linersThe Triumph OnGround round and oval pools are the perfect leisure and sport pools. Their single depth design makes them perfect for recreational swimming and provides a safe space for young children.

Triumph pools feature aluminum coping with either double or triple track option. The double track coping is meant to accommodate lock-in winter covers and the triple track coping accommodates fibre optic lighting. The pools coping comes with a vinyl topcoat which is UV protected.

The walls of the pools are Canadian-made with 14 gauge steel, heavy galvanized coating. The walls can be either 48” or 52” tall with your choice of either the Aspen, Mosaic, or Solid Blue liner. You also have the option of a sand bottom or a full concrete bottom There is a 15 year warranty on all panels and a 10 year warranty on the liner.

On ground pools are also great options for people who have uneven land in their backyards. We are able to dig into uneven land to install the pool and then install decking to ensure that there is an even landing space surrounding it.

Contact our team at Cambridge Pool Supplies to learn more about Triumph OnGround pools or to inquire about our financing options.